Boy meets his old girl flame after many years- Find out what happens?

Boy meets his old girl flame

Boy meets his old girl flame:
I was almost lost in the pages of a novel when my cell buzzed. It was an unknown number. I am not an introvert, but sometimes I prefer sitting in peace. It proves rather refreshing. So I thought to overlook the call that seemed intrusive at the moment.

But then, it would be an impolite act. So I received it. A sweet feminine voice greeted me from the other side. For a while I was puzzled about her identity. I cudgelled my brain but in vain. Sensing my helplessness she revealed herself as “Anushka”. In my graduation days she was my closest college companion. It would be rather more precise if I refer to ‘Anushka” as the girl whose pretty attributes and caring nature had enslaved me during college days. Actually her accent had completely changed in the course of the last five years. Her shrilly girlish voice had turned mature and melodious. During college days I admired her beauty and envied her academic talent.

The quirk of fate carried us to different path and profession. Anushka pursued her masters in English. At a very young age she joined as a lecturer at a university of distinguished repute. The profession appropriately suited her scholarly temperament and graceful persona.

Boy meets his old girl flame

Anushka told me now that she had recently joined the city. I was happy as well as surprised at this fact. She asked me to meet her that evening. I felt glad at her proposal. It was decided that we would meet at a city mall. For the rest of the day I kept on imagining how she must have changed in her demeanour and physique in all these years. In the evening I reached the mall. A round cemented parapet like structure was erected in the foyer of the mall. It’s inside space was decoratively arranged with bonsai plants having varied textures. The parapet served as resting platform for the visitors of the mall. I too sat there. My eyes were searching for Anushka when suddenly she turned up.

Seeing an old companion after a long interval naturally evokes nostalgic feelings. Anushka touched my arms to make sure that I was present. She gazed at me wonderingly. I too felt moved deeply. She held a little box in her hand. It happened to be a set of pen. The last few years had magically transformed her into a beautiful woman. I appeared rather insignificant before her gorgeousness.

The tiny mole on her left cheek was still there. Her big round eyes had the same enchanting appeal. Her smile had an essence of sweetness. She wore a pair of moderate fitted dark blue denim and a light purple tee-shirt with a quotation “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” scribbled boldly at its front. A pair of tiny golden earrings adorned her ears. Her hair was arranged into a knot at the back of her head. She wore a sporty shoe imprinted with British flag.

Boy meets his old girl flame

There was much to talk and share. We felt a natural urge to share every little happening that permeated our life in the last years. We shifted to a restaurant named “HANGOUT” in the premises of the mall. Almost three hours passed but we were unaware of it. The cool evening breeze gently stroked our face. In the meantime we had finished two rounds of coffee and a sumptuous dinner.

Two very cute little girls were playing in the open spaces of the restaurant. One could easily guess them to be twin sisters. One of them rushed to Anushka and plucked her tee-shirt. Anushka lovingly caught her and pinched her plump cheeks. She offered her a chocolate from her purse. The little girl in turn took away the purse from her hand and turned it upside down. The whole contents from inside the purse fell and scattered on the floor. Anushka smiled, probably, at the innocence of children and sat on her heels to gather the things. I too bent down to help her. Suddenly my hand got hold of something that transported me to the past. I felt a familiar upsurge in my heart beat. This was a miniature statue of Lord Krishna that I had gifted her six years back on her birthday. I felt deeply overwhelmed at the care with which she had preserved it.

However, I didn’t let this feeling show on my face and silently slid it back into her purse.

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