Band Baja Baraat for this Indian Gay Couple in America.

source: Instinct Magazine

The Indian Gay Couple:-

Shower your blessings on Vaibhav Jain and Parag V. Mehta, who have been tied in the purest knots of marriage. These nuptials mark the onset of a refreshing ideology while smashing the taboos. These two bridegrooms were all set to steal your hearts, and this time no bride is needed. Hence, they got married on March 30 in Texas which intertwined with Indian culture. Eventually, this homogeneous wedding was witnessed by family and friends. This Indian Gay couple will make your heart melt.

source: India Abroad

In addition to Vaibhav Jain is a research associate with the American Institutes for Research and Executive Board member of South Asian Public Health Association. Whereas Parag is a Senior Vice President of Mastercard and is the former Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor in Health and Human Services.




Indian Gay couple put Indian tadka in Texas.

Indians and America share no homogenous nature. They are multi-layered, diverse community-rich, poor, middle class, straight, guy, lesbian and others. The revolutionary overturning of Section 377 made things possible.

End Of Dual Life:-

Ages ago, the things that seem impossible are uniting millions of people now. Somewhere down the line while struggling to discover the real us we do certain things. The same thing Vaibhav Jain did when he was in India. 25-year-old dentist in India, constantly living a dual life and had a relationship with female friends. Likewise, many gays and lesbians switched to the US by the presence of section 377. He came to the US in 2011 and told about him five years ago. He told,

“I can now be who I am and stop leading a dual life.”


Vaibhav Jain was asked about the differences that he noticed due to a different upbringing in Nations. He said, “Yes, my struggles in India growing as a gay man was real and often very painful. Parag grew on the other end of the world in a small town in Central Texas.”

“We are blessed to have the love and support of both sets of our parents as we start a new chapter of our lives.”¬†

-said Vaibhav Jain 

However, I am still getting the chills.

Finally, they got married. I’m not crying, you are.

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