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Apple to replace your Car’s Key with iPhone and Apple Watch

Carkey makes iphone and Apple watch your car's key

Since its inception, smartphones are progressively replacing our everyday usage items. Things including camera, computer, wallet are already on the list. Soon, the carkey could be added in the array as well.


Apple released iOS 13.4 beta version the past day and developers say that it includes a “CarKey” API, which means that Apple wants to remove the phrase “Damn it! Forgot my keys on the table” from your life.

The “CarKey” feature will allow you to use your iPhone or Apple Watch to lock, unlock or turn-on your car. The CarKey takes advantage of the NFC technology so you just need to bring your device close to your vehicle to make it work as a key.

It won’t require your face nor your fingerprint to make it work, same as Express Transit Cards. And it also means that you can use CarKey even if your Apple devices’ batteries have drained out.

To use CarKey, hold iPhone or Apple Watch to the reader. It will work automatically, without requiring Face ID nor Touch ID.

You can change express mode settings in the Wallet.

Setting-up CarKey

The “CarKey” connection process begins from the Wallet app and proceeds with the car company’s app. You’ll need to place your iPhone on the NFC reader in your car to save the key to Wallet app, and then you can swiftly add the key to Apple watch.

Another thing about CarKey is that you don’t have to be the only one, authorized to interact with your car. If you want, you can share the key to other iPhone user/s such as a beloved one or, your parents through the Wallet app.

%@ invited you to use their %@ with unlock access. This allows you to use your iPhone and Apple Watch to unlock/lock the car.

When will it come out? When will it be publicly available? When can we use it? These and other questions will all be answered soon, and one thing is certain, it will become mainstream much sooner than the long-rumoured Apple Car.

Apple aims to make iPhone an all-in-one device and its not too far away in the future when physical keys might start becoming obsolete.

Reports suggest that Apple has started contacting car manufactures to fuse CarKey in future cars as well.

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