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Railway: Fake Un-purified Water sold



Fault In Indian Railways

Railway, One of the biggest medium used for travelling by the citizens of India. Being such a huge sector It has a lot of responsibilities on it’s shoulder. Above all, One of the most important and considered part is the passenger’s safety. It’s convenience and proper treatment.

More than 23 million passengers travel on a daily basis via railways/trains. Which clearly displays the amount of citizens relying on railway. Hence gears up it’s duty towards them.

Even small mistakes can turn up into huge disasters that certainly can harm many. But this time something huge and brain throbbing has happened.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said on Wednesday. That a major crackdown against spurious drinking water being sold on Indian trains. Was recently launched and that more than 800 people were arrested in connection with this.

The repression took place in more than 300 places in the country in order to check on the un-purified, sealed water being supplied in Indian railways.

“More than 800 persons, including manager of 4 pantry cars, were arrested and 48,860 bottles were recovered. Action was taken on the complaint of passengers,” said the Railway minister.

Even water is not safe now. What else to expect from Indiann railway

While the railway is taking massive steps to make the journey more convenient, safe and hygienic in any way possible. Still, the issue of hygienic food and safe drinking water persists for travelers. There are many who opt for packaged, bottled drinking water for purity and safety. giving those with malicious intent a chance to make a quick buck by selling spurious bottles. Above all at times well known water brand’s stickers are even pasted on the bottled.

In order to provide customers with fake satisfaction and earn easy bucks. This kind of step is noxious.

Passengers on some trains like Rajdhani and Duronto are provided with free Rail Neer bottles. But passengers on many other trains have to rely on either buying bottles or usingĀ  drinking water taps at stations. In a country which runs by railways this kind of disguise is a big black dot.

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