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Color has no significance for many



We all love shopping buying new clothes. Following the fashion pampering our selves with new dresses, makeup and what not. Colors are the core of live. Life without colors is worthless. From the color of our nail paint to the bag we carry, we like to choose it’s pattern and color.

But have you ever thought the life of those who live in one type of clothing no matter what trend comes and goes. However they look like what ever they put on nothing matters. As they have a whole load of clothing covering and hiding every single piece of them. Even their eyes is sometimes covered with a shimmery layer of cloth that act like the bars of a prison. You can see the world but can can never cross it to feel the texture of it.

A color-less life

You can see the color but can never flaunt it. You can study but can never have the perks of it. You are hidden so you are safe is the statement given by the males of the family when questioned.

I know now many will think what can others do they only need to take the stand for themselves. Yes you all are right one has to take stand for herself. But if a girl steps out and tries to live a life beyond the norms what do we tag them??

Characterless, A slut, a whore and what not. So, while tagging her do we even think ones that a girl is also a human being she too has a self esteem which we are buttering inhumanely. She too has feelings she too likes to be free.

They are not items that one can tag them as their’s and can put them in any ways they like to. Before marriage she is a commodity of her father and brothers and after marriage they sell it to a new man who unfortunately is her husband rather i’ll say life partner.

You will quote many are free and established women in today’s scenario. But don’t you think we are too optimistic that we always see the glass half filled than empty. Yes it’s a good habit to be optimistic but take some time and do give a glance to those girls and woman under burkha and ghungats. See their condition and then quote women have equal rights as men in this scenario.

We believe in gender equality. What an irony

Shitting in the gold pots, wearing brands that an average man can’t even pronounce. But then covering the whole body every tiny bit with a single colored cloth. Can’t give one happiness to anyone. You all might know this is the condition of  the Arabian women and many more around this world.

Then we say girls are crossing their boundary or exaggerating in the name of feminism. If all men out their take a bit of their time to think if they were women and this was their life. What would they have done.

Why girls are the major victim of human trafficking. Why girls are the most assaulted and brutal sufferers in a refugee camp. Why maximum number of people who are raped are girls. Why girls can’t roam on roads at 3 am. Why girls are the victim of domestic violence.

Why a mother leaves her job for her family. Why are girls wrapped under the cloth named burkha.

First think and give the answers of these questions then tag girls as a slut or a whore. Then blame them to be shameless under the name of feminism.

If you still think this is not the truth they look around you will find many. Or just spare some of your precious time in watching movies like what will people say and Lipstick under my burka.

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