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General Bajwa flees Pakistan

general bajwa
General Bajwa flees Pakistan

After spending 6 years in the most powerful position of the country, General Qamar Hussain Javed Bajwa leaves country in the more chaotic disposition than the one he inherited on the start of his tenure. His career is laden with more blunders than accomplishments. His involvement in politics has rendered damage of mammoth proportion to the democratic institutions of the state, thereby polarising society & politics at a level never seen before. Incessant political instability, created by his interference & experiments, pushed economy to the edge of default. Given this downturn experience of county with every military interference, I hope incoming COAS does better than him & keeps military in the boundaries set by the constitution.

Only he can’t be blamed because it’s not the only he who involved in politics but it is happening since Pakistan came into being. When we look behind we would find out what happened in the history of Pakistan. This time the establishment messed with different people by ousting IK from government. Whenever establishment ousted any political government, they never retaliated as IK did. He is not traditional politician, he reacts different and his followers are not like other political parties. His supporters are mostly young and energetic; well known to social media. That’s why today is trending on Twitter what they think about today’s changing of Army’s command. Army’s top brass is under mammoth criticism which is unprecedented like never before.

General Bajwa flees Pakistan

Bajwa should not alone be blamed for the economic & political torment from which country is going through now. Every military leader, one way or other, has fair share in this damage. But my theme of writing was here outgoing COAS therefore i focused on him.
Imran Khan is a populist leader who plays politics through emotions of young people who are angry with institutions one way or other. Pakistani youth was deep angry with state due to unemployment and economic hardships & Imran channelized this anger for his political gains. How Imran does his politics is brilliantly deciphered by Nadeem Farooq Paracha, who with the help of political & psychological theories, explains why youth blindly follows Imran despite his not-so-good four year performance in politics, U-turns, corruption cases & many more flaws.

General Bajwa flees Pakistan

Pakistanies have been trapped between these two families and stablishment; they have no option to get rid of that. When Imran Khan came into politics; people started supporting him. Because when they see on limited options they found him best for them. Don’t have blind faith in IK’s politics but when we consider available options. When we have to confess that he is most credible option what we have.

when one compares 2013-18 tenure of PMLN & 2018-21 tenure of PTI in terms of economic progress then comes stark indicators that indicate that PMLN handled economy way better in all fundamentals than PTI. In terms of foreign affairs, they got flagship project CPEC & solidified interests with China & Saudi. In social domians, they ended terrorism & boosted tourism.

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