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Online Business : In most scenarios, online business storms out of passion and hobby . Passion is an underrated yet, a powerful word on it’s own. If it is not the first thing that comes in your mind when you wake up and last thing when you are about to sleep, it is not passion.

If you have a hobby and you don’t mind spending your whole time on it , why don’t you turn it into a source of income?? Why don’t you turn it into an online business?

Steps to start an online business :

1.Find a need and fill it :

Where most people find a product and then plan for reselling it , you need to do something else here. First of all , you have to find a need. A need that is going to change your entire month , year and most probably you whole life. You just have to find a solution. Consider this , people don’t really appreciate plastic packed food , so you can switch to food packed in banana leaf. As Simple As That.

online business : food packed in banana leaf.

Benefits ??Much more safe to consume than the traditional plastic wrapped food, safer for the environment ; biodegradable.






2. Save to invest , not save to save : 

If you study any one of the wealthiest people in this world, you’ll notice they find one or two things and invest in them . They invest all their money , all their efforts and their time on two or three things . Don’t diversify in the beginning , don’t go for 30- 40 things . Invest in two or three things first and then diversify . This is something not many people are aware of . And even some are , they fear the risk of loosing their money . As a result they keep moving away from investments. There are three types of investments :

1. High risk / high returns

2.Low risk / low returns

3.Medium risk /medium returns

online business ; don't save to save, save to invest

Once you are clarified with the concept of return and loss , you will never leave the investment world.

3. Build your own website for online business :

Once you have finally planned your product to sell , you need to make it available for the online shoppers . Start by building your own website , keep it simple yet , magnificent.

online business

(a) Keep your font basic , don’t go over with it.

(b) Keep the background colors mild.

(c) Your navigation on each page should be same.

(d)  Always attach an image of your product.

(e) Your website is an online store, and for that reason you have to make it more customer friendly.





3. Make your hobby a source of income :

If you are really really good at something , turn it into a source of income . How?? by selling it online. If you enjoy baking cookies and other stuff , sell it online. Likewise if you are really  good at handicrafts , there is a lot of demand for them , create a website and sell your valuable crafts online.

All you have to do this is gather your craft supplies , spend some money on bubble wrap and cardboard for  shipping purpose. Consequently , you will be ready to start your own website. Furthermore , you can even start an Etsy store online for that same reason.



Most noteworthy , there are a lot of ways you can start an online business with probably very less amount of money .
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