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Authority is something we desire



Authority is something we all look forward to. Even from a small boy to a big adult thrives for the authority. It gives us power to speak out. With no hesitation and loads of power. We find a bit of dominance that gives us the power to stand out.

Since childhood we respect the one with more authority and we find superiority in authority. Even when an authoritative figure quotes something wrong. We have this habit rather prejudice of believing in them. And having a thought how can they be wrong. This power somewhere evokes up to be on the same post one day.

Excess Desire For Authority Is Harmful

So when we grow up we want to us to be the dictator and expects others to obey. And when this desire of us harms or is not fulfilled. We enter into the acts like domestic violence where we try to showcase our superiority by threatening others. Assaulting the partners or the one little submissive. We feel good after enforcing our physical strengths. And this satisfaction after portraying the dominance or performing some filthy act makes us satisfied. This sometimes leads to sexual assault, marital rape, mental stress and many more harmful steps taken in the desire to showcase masculinity or rather authority.

The women of every second home has once become the victim of these acts. That is performed to show them that they are inferior or has a powerful authority above them. Domestic violence is a crime that kills you from above but hollows you from within. A person of your own family uses it’s power of display it’s power and masculinity. And the worst part is that the assault or any other incident is conducted your own family member. Either your husband, father or brother. As our mail dominance society automatically provides them the equal power. Of being right doing the wrong.

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