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Marital Rape: The Hidden Crime

marital rape


Marital Rape: Marriage a bond of sincerity, loyalty and love. So, praised in India and is bound under the hands of god and his blessings. A bond people praise about. A step taken in the life of 2 young adults. Who decides to be together in all ups and downs. And to act like a support to each other.

But it all goes away in one instant. When the man starts thinking of the woman as his property. An object he has been passed on by the family members of the girl. And here comes the most miserable crime that can be seen but can’t be proved. The crime of marital rape.

India being one of those country’s where the ratio of marital rape occurring is negligible. But what happens behind the doors, in front of our eyes is just opposite. Then you might be thinking why is it so???

The reason being the wrong thought, culture and prejudices made by the society, family members, husband and even the victims of marital rape “The wife”. That wife’s are the property of the husband’s and there’s no consent needed in a bond like marriage. If the husband initiates the wife has to be ready for it. So the culture of marital rape sustains in India but still can’t be noticed.

Those women who file a case of marital rape or force sex against their spouse are either considered out of the society, way to progressive, or simply a characterless woman who is in love with someone else. So, He needs the consent.

Marriage is a bond in which we promise to move every step together. Then why is their such a dominance. Why wife’s hesitate to say no. Or even when they say it’s just ignored.

A husband can never rape his wife the biggest belief in India. The biggest and long forwarded crime that has happened in every single India house. And that is the culture we pass upon.

The Biggest Question Does Marital Rape Even Exist ????

When asked in the society about marital rape. The major answer is denial. Many believe that it’s a western culture of accusing the husbands under marital rape. I there is marriage there is no rape. The consent is nothing one has to take from their own wife.

If consent is nothing and a girl always want to serve their husband with whole heart and soul. Then why is this term even coined. Because husbands are like kings who want his slave to serve him every time he needed to be.

If they should be in the mood every time you touch her. Why isn’t this the case with the men who just turns around when not feeling like. As good woman should have a trait of delicacy she can never force a man to fulfill her desire. Pleasure her up. Because we hardly hear that his husband is the victim of domestic violence or marital rape.

Why is all happens to the wife or a girl. These terms are not gender centric but the irony is then also it’s termed only for one gender.

Think a bit about it. Now is the time to change. The youth can change. Stand for yourself and your companions. Respect the decision of your partner. Rape is a very big crime. A girl never wants to be touched by anyone even by his own mate without a consent. So be wise take the consent and think about the other person. Because knowingly or unknowingly you are committing a very big crime.

Do go through these videos to know more about marital rape. And take a stand if you are facing this. As sitting quietly and fueling a crime also makes you a criminal.

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