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Thor: Love and Thunder – Review

Thor: Love and Thunder
Thor: Love and Thunder
Watched “Thor: Love and Thunder” today. Or maybe it was “Thor: Comedy or Drama?” I’m not sure.
I do know that it had a lot of fun moments, and had some decent heart-tugging. But it never really seemed to figure out if it was a comedy or a drama. About half was played like a Saturday Night Live skit, and about half was played like a Shakespearean tragedy.
I enjoyed it, but it left me more bemused than entertained. I mean it really felt like two different directors alternated scene by scene throughout the entire movie.
I saw some reviews that gave it grief about having a female Thor, but I thought the whole Jane Foster story line was pretty well done (or, well, except for the slapstick vs pathos going on there too).
I found some of the scenes of jacked-up Natalie Portman felt a little too CGI-ish, but no biggie.
Thor: Love and Thunder
I guess the thing that bothered me most about the story was the whole thing about Thor “finding himself.” That whole thing sort of undercuts the entirety of the Thor character arc from the last decade of MCU movies. I considered Thor’s character development to be probably the second best, behind Tony Stark, in the entire MCU, starting with Thor being a spoiled little godling, and ending with him going through literal hell to unlock his full potential and become a worthy successor to Odin.
Nope. Forget all that. All thrown aside and forgotten as we get a Thor that has, if anything, less gravitas than he had when Odin exiled him to earth. That bothered me.
But it may not be a thing anyone else even cares about. And it was good enough to make it worth watching even through the eye-rolls from time to time.
I give it three screaming goats out of five.
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