Motivation: In this fast pace of life. 7 things to keep you motivated.


Motivation: Remember the time, when it was difficult to choose a path,or maybe when public speaking made you hands sweat and your heart a victim of time bomb? Or when your piece of work goes back in your pocket which was suppose to be submitted ? Even when sudden adrenaline rush fills your gut that makes you nervous.

And what not?

We live in a world, where we burdened by various responsibilities. Anxiety of fulfilling a target and adapting to the conditions of a new environment are the two prime causes of stress, which attacks our mechanism of motivation. The one thing that keeps us going is the constant motivation which we receive in one form or the other. Motivation is a fuel for our never ending road of success.

Life is not a happy ride but filled with magical moments. So, here are 7 things to boost your spirits.

  1. Stop the cycle of procrastination –  Procrastination has always played an elementary role in doubling the workload. From the time of  human existence, they have  taken time cycle for granted. First, make a “To Do” list so that you can complete your work in the given time frame. This will help you to stay positive and motivated for the future assignments.

2. Sleep properly– A study of UCSD  (University of California, San Diego) suggests, that the secret of a long life lies in getting 6-7 hours of sleep. Proper amount of sleep makes your brain function without any hindrance from the outside stress.




3. Read, Watch and absorb something Inspirational – This is most adapted technique to uplift your motivation. Listen to inspirational songs, watch inspirational short films or videos which will defeat your ‘cannots’.

4. Embrace your failures– Accept the fact, sometimes,  things may not turn out as you expect them to be irrespective of the hardwork you have put in. Focus what went wrong and make these failures your pillars of strength.

5. Quite multitasking– An undivided attention works as a blessing in a rushing world. Everyone wants to do various jobs in a limited time frame. So, here is the deal – focus all your attention on the current job which you want to engage in. This will help you to defeat your inner insecurities. Completion of one assignment will keep you motivated for the other activities.

6. The 2 minute rule – I personally, like this strategy. In the time duration, of just 2 minutes you need to observe whether this particular work can be done in 2 minutes. If yes, then do it. This theory comes from David Allen’s bestselling book ‘Getting Things Done’. Its surprising to know that how many things we can do in just sparing 2 minutes from our 24 hours. But we still do rely on tomorrows.

7. Surround yourself  with positive people – Positivity is like an inertia of our life. Growing and being surrounded among the positive people adds on as a bliss in life. If you fill  your mind with the positive information you will defeat the demons of negativity which hinders your growth.


“You are built not to shrink down to less but to blossom into more.”

-Oprah Winfrey


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