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Child Beating Is A Crime



Kids are innocent and naive and that’s the reason they are referred as children. Swinging a stick high up in the air and slamming a child with it. Is inconsiderable and lacks humanity.

Yes, kids don’t always obey. They go right when asked to turn left. Up is down for them. And every one they see is their friend. But do you think it’s their fault that they have trust in all. There is nothing wrong in going left when asked to go right. Because that’s how we learn.

If a child is born with all the knowledge of this dark world. Then there would be no need of the parents. But if adults are needed for a child’s growth then they definitely play an important part in molding him.

But it’s really disastrous to the child when these adults decides not to guide but to create a person. Every one is different and perfect in it’s own way. So when we try to a build someone’s personality or change them. We are actually cutting the roots of a tree.

Reality behind the walls

And to do so many of the adults especially those whom we denote our child’s future to take up so really inhumane ways. Something really shocking is observed in the so called progressive city of Maharashtra, Pune.

On the streets of pune city you will find drums and boxes full of thin straight polished sticks. The shopkeeper when asked about it said. Teachers use these ticks to punish the kids.

Yeah, small kids are being treated that way by the ones the parents trust for their future. When asked why? Teachers said it’s the only way to get these kids on path. And with the terror of getting beaten up they study. But is this kind of education worth. Where the kids study because of fear. I don’t think so.

Yes, scolding is important but beating a kid with a stick until it beaks. I feel sad for this.

The stick are made up of tough woods and is coated with shine. To increase it’s durability. Corporal punishment against children is illegal until they are involved in big crimes like murder. That too executed under authoritative power.

Use of any implement other than a bare hand is illegal and hitting a child in anger or in retaliation for something a child did is not considered reasonable and is against the law.

I don’t think a slow learner commits any kind of crime or criminal offence. A kid who wants to play more than study is definitely not a criminal. The one whose beating up the kids leaving them with embedded marks is a criminal.

Spread awareness and be sensitive if something like this is happening next door. Please don’t ignore rather stand for that kid. Call the desirable help-center or make a complain.

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