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Race : Life is really a race or we make it so



Race Fast or You’ll get Trampled

Life is a race a so quoted famous quote of this famous movie 3 idiots. Yes somewhere is true but sometimes running in this race trying to compete with others only ruins our life.

Yes we all dream of a wealthy and lavish life. Full of comfort and security. But do we really live a life slitting our shoes off. Do we really give a good life and teachings to our kids by substituting time with money. Think………. is it the life we always wanted.

Relying the kids on maid-servants and leaving them to grow on their own is not really parenting. If life is a race and humans are the athletes then i don’t think that statements like ‘live while you are young even’ worth.

What Life Really Should Be

According to me life should be smooth and peaceful. Yes some will think it’s just something for saying and the reality is actually bitter. Reality might be bitter but we can make it better by not just running in the race or following the heard. Rather just choose the path you have interest in and is made for you. Not just because everyone is into it so it’s good no matter i have to sacrifice my life and my family.

One can buy a huge house, luxurious cars, Loads of assets but sadly can never buy time and love. So i think its totally on us that we make our life a race or a simple decent, en-joyful walk.

In one of the really famous Bollywood movie 3 idiots. It’s said that life is a race but if it’s really so then great men like reformers and artists won’t exist. Scientists would never have devoted more than half of their lifetime inventing new things.

I think these people clearly stand out and show that life is like a clay and you can mold it your way.

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