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Brahmastra Movie Review

Brahmastra Movie Review
Brahmastra Movie Review
The much-awaited movie of 2022 by AyanMukerji, Brahmastra, came out with a bang, with a promise of much-needed glamour, glitz, and a promise to change the history of Bollywood movies.
Did it?
The promises:
1. Never seen VFX
2. A long saga, in parts, will leave the audience wanting more.
3. A strong star cast
4. Larger-than-life characters
Did it live up to the promise?
Brahmastra Movie Review
The VFX effects were excellent. It was a treat to watch the bull and the fire effects. The story starts with Mohan fighting off Junoon (Shah Rukh Khan vs. Mouni Roy). It was an impressive start, no doubt. But then …
You could see KJo standing with his arms spread wide, distributing love like modaks during the Ganesha festival. Imagine Iron Man and Black Panther singing, dancing, and romancing when they have a world to save! This, for me, was a buzz killer.
I understand we have created a superhero from the myths for the first time. But this genre has specific demands, one thing that was completely overlooked in this movie. I found the scenes where the fight for the Brahmastra very interesting. But the Romance in the movie slowed down the pace and dragged it a bit.
Alia Bhatt had to stand out. So KJo, or Aryan, made her fight along with the superheroes without any power of her own. That, to me, was too much love for our talented powerhouse. She is, even I can’t deny that.
Coming to AB. I love him. Truly respect him. But in movies like Chehre or Piku. Him in action scenes now is something I would go a bit gentle on. I love you, Sir, but action scenes right now- I am jealous. Envious.
Brahmastra Movie Review
Things like the relationship between Dev and Junoon needed more explanation than Shiva and Isha’s love story.
There were moments when I wanted to say .. gana mat gao yaaro, peeche rakshas pade hai.. how can you even remember shayeri at this point of time.? Bhago!
Have to say a point about Mouni Roy. She did a good job. Though yellow eyes in Naagin one, Green eyes in Naagin 2, and Red eyes in Brahmastra, must be tough on her. So be nice.
Should you watch it? I think you should go with your family. Clean movie with lots of beautiful VFX. We need to support these movies in India, and I will sure it will improve with time. We always do, right? Just stop comparing it to Bahubali. Suppose ‘Kattappa ne kyon mara’ is the marketing USP of that movie, ‘why did Amrita and Dev become enemies from lovers’ is in this.
But the real USPs are:
Who will play the role of Amrita and Dev (Shiva’s parents) in Dev (Part II)? If we are going by the hints dropped in …. ah well, be ready for a new controversy 😃
Shah Rukh ❤
But definitely can watch (if you can stop looking for perfection) in the theatres.
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