KK It only happens in India

KK It only happens in India
KK It only happens in India.
You ask anyone of any age group n you will find one feedback about KK (not post his tragic death, even before) and most likely there will be one response:
Yet, the industry and the so called music barons and movie moguls made their own assessment about “who should be the lead artist’s voice”. And “who should sing the mainstream songs” and sadly KK didn’t feature there. Only the once in a blue high pitch, high intensity and exceptional songs of heart wrenching emotions came his way and boy, he killed each one of them. He dragged the song and most often the movie to an iconic status by his rendition. Everytime he made a song memorable, everytime he added a touch of magic to a number, there would be rave reviews and expectation would be set high about him getting flooded with offers. But as it happens in India, shallow, superficial complements flow in abundance, but not work.
KK It only happens in India
You can’t be ruling the industry and touch commercial success unless the coterie and the music barons convinced about your sycophancy and your ability to stick to a camp. Individual identity, self respect, integrity and belief in talent are curses most often. And KK, one suspects, while winning millions of hearts of fans, couldn’t do so with the ones who make and break stars in our flawed system.
But, in a philosophical sense, perhaps it didn’t matter. He ruled the hearts of those who truly matter, i. e the fans. He was loved and respected at the same time both for his amazing talent and awesome human qualities. Today, when he bids farewell, the verdict is clear. It’s not the numbers he could or should have got or the people who could have or should have done justice to his fantastic talent that are being remembered. It is KK who is being remembered for what he did with his voice. Because it’s not quantity but quality of your work and your personality that make you immortal. KK will stay immortal in our hears for ever.
KK It only happens in India
Hum Rahe Ya Na Rahe Kal
Kal Yaad Aayenge Yeh Pal
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