Afroz Shah cleaned 1.25Km Plastic Waste From Mithi River.

Afroz Shah Brings Mithi River Back To LIfe.
source: The Indian Express

Afroz Shah is one set of a youngster who took the responsibility to save the mother Earth. Afroz Shah who cleaned Versova Beach didn’t stop then and there. He recently cleared Mithi river flowing with a stretch of 18 Km. Eventually, Shah cleaned 1.25Km plastic waste from the river.

Shah Cleaned 1.25 Km Plastic
source: Mumbai Mirror

Shah Cleaned 1.25Km Plastic:-

The Mithi river originates near Vihar lake. However, for seven months, the Filterpada colony near Vihar lake has stopped dumping plastic waste into the river. With Shah’s undivided attention while cleaning Mithi river took 100 weeks. The cleaning campaign near slum has begun. Through the duration of 100 weeks, 6000 residents collected their plastic waste and hand it over to Shah’s team. Thus, Shah and his team sent the plastic waste to recycling units for better use and earth’s future.

Although a short yet a significant part of the 18 Km long river has been cleared from the toxic plastic. The path wasn’t easy but the execution of the campaign was followed by 9 months of counseling and pleading with slum dwellers.

Afroz Shah cleans Mithi River
source: Dettol-NDTV Banega Swach India

The Path Was Never Easy:-

We started visiting the Filterpada slum colony every Sunday around 5 am, asking the residents to just wash whatever plastic they had, such as milk packets and biscuit sachets, and keep these aside. Gradually we trained them into cleaning plastic and segregating waste. Now they’re completely involved in the campaign.

Shah has explained to slum dwellers which have explained the concept of ‘circular economy’ which aims to minimize waste and making the most of the resources.

source: GoodSamachar

Soiled and contaminated plastic is not accepted in recycling centers and they end up in landfills. Hence, it was important to train the residents to clean the milk pouches and other plastic waste that we can pick up every Sunday. This slum housing around 30,000 people, is located near the spot where Mithi river originates and without their support, the river cannot be cleaned.” 

To summarize, As more and more, steps are being taken towards making Earth a better place. Each one of us has Afroz in us. So, Let’s make Earth a better place for you and for me.

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