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Abortion : Is It A Crime?



Abortion, Killing someone or taking anyone’s life is a crime according to most of us. But taking someone’s life for protecting our-self is not considered as murder according to law. Because this act happened in order to protect our-self.

Is Abortion A Choice Or A Situation

Then why abortion is considered as a crime and is even ill-legal in many countries. Even where it’s legal many of us see it as a crime. Why???

Just because the womb is not ready for a baby. A girl/woman is not ready to be called as mother. Having a baby is not only about giving birth to a new life. But has to mold him up as an established human being. It’s definitely more than love it’s a responsibility.

Sometimes a woman married, unmarried, old or young might not be ready for a baby. And i think it’s absolutely fair. It’s better to realize earlier before it’s too late.

It’s a huge step

A baby is not just a doll it’s a big step and a turn in life.¬†Yeah many might call it selfish but sometimes you have to take steps even for your own self.

Loads of pregnancies happens accidentally and unplanned. It’s really OK of not being prepared or ready for a really different and new life. People comment be cautious and if pregnancies happens accept it. And a really big question that arrives is that what was the need of going to that extent when you didn’t want a baby.

And all these comments and blames rushes all over the woman though she was not only responsible for this pregnancy or abortion i would say. But she should be emotional, How can she kill a life, She is inhumane and unemotional.

But have you ever thought of that woman / Girl that is carrying a life inside. How she feels after knowing she is expecting a child but still decides to take his life. We even have emotions for a dead person than how can a woman lying on the hospital bed for letting the unborn die. Be normal or OK with her decision.

Some might think that woman should be strong enough to give birth to that child. Or to bring a new life. But to let go your child or rather the part of your body is a more braver step than giving birth.

You need a strong heart and emotions to take up a step like abortion. And remember a Woman aborts her child not for her good and normal life but for not letting her child live a bad or miserable life.

Banning abortion is not a solution telling people is you want to live in this country stay pregnant. It’s a choice so better to have a legal, safe and healthy abortion.

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