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Samsung 292 8k TV inch – Introducing MASSIVE Wall TV

Samsung 292 inch 8k tv

Samsung 292 inch 8k tv:

Samsung announced the 146-inch Wall Tv in CES 2018.

Now, Samsung is introducing the 292 inch 8k tv, “The Wall Luxury”. The name says it on its own, the Wall Tv will cover up one side of your room or one wall of your room.

With its beautiful massive screen, playing games, watching movies will be an absolute delight.

The Wall luxury loads up with a high resolution and giant size. But, that is not all it offers. It also comes with Artificial Intelligent or AI upscaling, a 120Hz refresh rate, a 120Hz refresh rate and Quantum HDR Technology with the amazing 2000 nits of brightness. As I said earlier, it will be astounding to play games and watch movies or some sports events on such a bright and high-resolution and giant Tv.

The Wall Luxury has a bezel-less infinity display, meaning it has no edges or frames. The Wall comes with add-ons like a personalized frame to blend in the environment. You’ll also see Samsung’s ambient mode that makes the Tv view photos, arts or paintings when it’s idle.

The thing about any TV’s what you see in the stores is deciving, from 1080p, 4k, and up , most tv station are not 1080p and above, so what you see that clear and sharp, only happens if your stations put the above ones, ex. Netflix pay more 4 4k and limited selection of movies.

The Wall Luxury can be purchased in July. In conclusion, looking at the price of the 86-inch version, which costs $100,00, we can only say it’s going to be quite luxuriously expensive.

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