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CUPE Support Education Workers – Canada Teachers Strike

CUPE Support Education Workers
CUPE Support Education Workers
If you have a child in the school system you can rest easy everyday and know that they are marked into the system. And are in attendance, you know the front desk is buzzing ppl in and are keeping track of who is entering the school, keeping your child safe. If your child needs Band-Aids or ice packs, a quiet place to rest for a headache or needs a phone call home. You can thank a secretary.
If your child is fortunate enough to not have to wade through trash, to use a clean washroom, to have tables sanitized, to not slip on ice or climb over mountains of snow to enter their school and walk on dirty floors every day, you can thank a custodian.
CUPE Support Education Workers

If you blessed with a child with an exceptionality and dread the thought of placing your child in a busy school. A child who may not be able to communicate their own thoughts or feelings with words but have someone by their side everyday to guide them, encourage them and to keep them safe. You can thank an EA.

If your a first time “school parent” and send your three year old to school nervous and unsure of what awaits them, but then they see a familiar face at the door ready to greet them each morning. A person whom will plan and implement enriching activities along side their teaching partner daily giving them the best start to their academic career. You can thank an ECE.
CUPE Support Education Workers

If your child uses technology in their day to day learning, explores robotics, uses iPads or a Smartboard, or SEA equipment, you can thank IT supports. Those incredible techs even pivoted on a dime during virtual learning to dispatch technology resources to students in need. And answered hundreds of phone calls and emails to walk parents, guardians and students through technology issues. They had to drive around to various schools to collect tech, distribute and then re-catalogue everything and ensure it was back to the proper home school. Thank you to our IT staff for keeping the systems running.

In conclusion, stand with our Education Workers
Their working conditions are our children’s learning conditions!
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