Market: Top 5 Places In Jaipur To Shop From


The pink city Jaipur is not just famous for it’s heritage but also for it’s ethnicity, culture and food. The variety of fabrics you come across after stepping in this beautiful city full of colors is it’s honor.You will find extremely pleasing market over here full of handicrafts, beautiful stones, fabrics, and mind throbbing jewelries. So, be ready to buy a ticket to Jaipur as it’s simply irresistible not to be pleased by this place.

1. Johari Bazaar : One of the oldest market in Jipur



Johari bazaar is one of the oldest market in Jaipur. Here the shops are full of authentic jewelries with a precise and remarkable work on them. All jewelries made up of different metals from gold and silver to copper and bronze, one can find all different varieties over there.

This market is also famous for graceful sarees and lehengas and above all the most colorful and vibrant bandhaj. If you live on jewelries and clothing this place will definitely turn you excited and insane so, do visit Rooplakshmi and Rana saree emporium to grab amazing sarees.

The whole street with pink painted shops will make you feel the legacy of pink city and above all you can taste some amazing street food of Jaipur while shopping. Other than big showrooms this market have huge number of street shops which are open to bargaining. So, do use your skills and try for a best deal.

2. Bapu Bazaar : An amazing street market







This market is a great blend of handicrafts and textile. It’s specialty are leather products and mojari (Rajasthani Footwear). You will also find mouthwatering suparies and loads of handmade mouth freshener over the streets. The handicrafts over there are so extraordinary and definitely are the soul of this market. Bapu bazaar is also open to bargaining so make the best use of your talent.

3. World Trade Park

This is a gigantic hub of mostly all kind of international brands in every dimension. The infrastructure of WTP is amazing and the ambiance makes you shop extra. The food court over here is amazing with huge amount of options and a great place to hang out. It’s Rajasthan’s first mall with multinational brands so is of great value to the people over there.

4. Sikar House

This is the wholesale market of Jaipur. Best known for home decor and raw fabrics. One can get the famous Rajasthani quilts from here at a very nominal price. If you want to shop some beautiful Rajasthani decorative items then this a really the best place for you to shop. Being a wholesale market it doesn’t have a very attractive infrastructure but the goods and the prices are really welcoming.

5. Gaurav Tower

It’s the shopping center/market of Jaipur, from clothing to toys, food to cinema you get everything over here. It’s also an entertaining place for everyone from kids to adults, so even if you have a child you can easily enjoy with them while shopping over here. If you are looking for food, entertainment, leisure or fun it’s the perfect destination. You will find a huge variety of food items, from street food to cafes to a good dining. Hence, it’s a wonderful place to venture.


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