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Hijab girl gives befitting reply to Karnataka Government’s goons

hijab girl

Hijab Girl Brave Sister Muskan Khan was heckled by a mob in 🇮🇳 India’s Karnataka state when she entered her college campus to submit an assignment and was met by an aggressive mob 🗯

There is a statewide hijab ban within Kanartaka’s state educational institutions.

Hijab girl video:

It’s really a matter of great concern for all the Muslim and also the people who wants to live in peace and religious harmony. We shouldn’t encourage this kind of act against any women or any religion. Wearing a Hijab should be a personal choice you can’t ban anyone to wear a Hijab. Those goons should be punished. Actually these kind of act broke our social fabric. The people of India should come together to protest against this kind of act. It’s high time that we all should raise our voice against this kind of shameful act.
More power to that sister who should fear to those hooligans and taught us how to take a stand for our rights.

“What has this beautiful country with its beauty in diversity has come to..Politicians are finally messing up with young minds too..Very Heart breaking !!! The school I went to had Vinayak chaturthi celebration/ Saraswathi Puja every year even to this day they do it..And, Muslim kids to this day fast during Ramadan n non Muslim Fri ends would be so caring towards them…none of us saw Religion what anyone was wearing or not…Its become so toxic now in past few years.My best friend a non Muslim the other day tells me, her daughter a 12 yr old is asking if she can be friends with a Muslim girl in her class… How did we come to this?!!! When did we start seeing Religion to make friends??there isn’t a group share where there is no debate on Religion.

Hijab girl

What BJP has done to India and its people is unforgivable!! The atmosphere has become so toxic!! Hoping and praying for a miracle where my country n people open their eyes and, realise what’s going on around them. Praying for Peace and Prosperity. Lastly want to say..All those who are watching and thinking its not their problem or business… One day these goons will decide irrespective of Religion..what any girl can wear, who she can marry, till what time can she stay at out And, if she needs to be educated. Stop them..Wake up when you still have time!!” advices a netizen.

“Why is the opposition in Karnataka not out on the streets demanding the resignation of the Chief Minister, Home Minister and Education Minister of the state?
A political battle against the humiliation of the young women of the Muslim community cannot be fought by party spokesmen making anodyne statements on Twitter. Why are the officers of the BJP and of Hindutva organisations not being gheraoed, peacefully, in Bengaluru until the ban on the Hijab is taken back?” asks a netizen.
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