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Huawei’s ban: Huawei is a Chinese multinational technology company that is well known for smartphones. It is a telecommunication company which not only builds smartphones but also networking devices. Huawei was the second largest smartphone maker followed by Apple.

Recently the US has banned Huawei from making any business with any US company. This also implies Google won’t providing with its software to the Chinese brand. Google can only provide with google play services and play store only for 90 days from the date after the ban. Apple is also a US based company and definitely, they also won’t be providing the software too. Can you just believe a phone without an Android or ios??

Now Huawei has to start building their own OS, their own equipment like SD cards, Processors for laptops etc. This will be the biggest challenge for this Chinese brand. Since building the new OS, app store and making people accept these new things will be challenging.

The reason behind the ban

The core issue with Huawei is being linked to the Chinese government and fears that the equipment which is sold the US agencies could be used to spy on other countries and companies. The main reason why the US banned companies from using Huawei networking or other equipment in 2012.

However, Huawei has long denied any wrongdoing and continues to maintain its innocence even after the recent charges.

Effects after the ban

The Wi-Fi Alliance, whose members included from Apple and Qualcomm, has temporarily restricted Huawei’s membership after the US ban. Meanwhile, Microsoft has removed Hua-wei from its store.

Not only just US other European and Japanese companies soon followed suit, including British chipmaker ARM and telecom operators like Vodafone. All of these above mentioned non-US companies have announced that they would end all their business ties with Huawei.


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