These photos of next CM of Karnataka Kumaraswamy’s wife are going viral

Kumaraswamy wife Radhika

Haradanahalli Devegowda Kumaraswamy known popularly as Kumaranna – the Chief Minister of Karnataka, India is the son of former Prime Minister of India, H. D. Deve Gowda belonging to Janata Dal (Secular). He is a film producer and distributor of Kannada films.

Given that he is a son of a powerful personality and get his charming looks from his father. But one tends to wonder, who would be his dream girl. Surely every girl dreams to get a prince charming like him.

Kumaraswamy is accused of bigamy which is illegal as per Hindu Marriage Act. In lieu of media reports about his marriage to Kannada actress Radhika Kumaraswamy.

So who is Radhika? Absolute hottie we would say.

Radhika Kumaraswamy reportedly married Ratan Kumar at a Temple back in 2000. But in April 2002, Ratan Kumar alleged and filed a complaint that his father-in-law Devraj abducted her to save her film career. Soon enough, Radhika’s mother annulled the marriage sighting that she was just 14 years old and said that Ratan Kumar tricked her. Devraj went a step ahead and claimed that Ratan tried to burn his daughter alive. In 2002, Ratan Kumar died of a heart attack. Radhika in November of 2010 revealed that she was married to Kumaraswamy now Chief Minister of Karnataka. In her revelation they married in 2006 and have a daughter named Shamika K. Swamy.

Do you think the match made in heaven, as per below pictures?


Photos of Radhika

Wife of Kumaraswamy


Finally, comment below if you think they are perfect for each other.

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