Liger Vs Bollywood

Liger Vs Bollywood
Liger Vs Bollywood

Liger : One big budget movie from the South and it’s alleged mediocrity as reflected universally by critics carries a message for those who have a tunnel vision about art and commerce and conveniently conclude that Bollywood is finished and South holds the Midas touch :

Just like Hollywood, only those movies from South are talked about which are succeeding. For every RRR, K.G.F and Pushpa, there are a lot of “Beast”, “Acharya” and “Liger” which are bombing badly. It is not that the Southern Industry is milking money with every project.
Yes, Bollywood is struggling currently in terms of mega blockbusters. But it is not that Bollywood was ever used to churn out major hits with great frequency in the past. It is well known that majority of Bollywood movies always used to tank. It’s a miniscule number that turn out to be hits every year and people remember them. Let us not forget, “Gangubai..” and “Bhoo Bhulaiyaa 2” have been big hits recently.
Liger Vs Bollywood
Yet, there is no denying that there is a problem in Bollywood. And that problem, post pandemic is, Bollywood has failed to come out with a mega blockbuster. That has to do most likely with a fragmented viewing pattern among Bollywood fans with regard to mainstream masala movies with songs. And dances vis a vis niche urban stories with short duration and without songs and dances (OTT centric).
I would call it a natural teething problem post the advent of OTT Platform. Let us not underestimate or undermine the impact of OTT as a disrupter. The huge impact it had with such suddenness due to Pandemic has left Bollywood a little stumped. We all know about similar scenario and struggle for Bollywood post the advent of Television in the 80s. Bollywood took a few years to understand the dynamics and learnt to reclaim its glory by readjusting and adapting to the new challenging reality then. It will do so now too. But yes, it will need a little time to understand how it can beat OTT with a certain kind of movies that would lure audience to theatres.
Liger Vs Bollywood

Then there is this destructive polarisation among fans as well as Bollywood and sharp rise in likes and dislikes towards specific artists in society, which is not helping Bollywood. It is somewhat denting overall figures for watchers and tickets. The earlier Bollywood understands and unitedly discourages the “good for nothing” “Boycott” brigade instead of endorsing them subtly with whataboutery, the better it will be for Bollywood and Indian Cinema. And let us not forget, Bollywood has given us the best of art and a reason to smile at the toughest of the moments in our lives and we need it as much as it needs us.

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