Aryan Khan should send Sameer Wankhede to Arthur Road Jail

Aryan Khan should send Sameer Wankhede to Arthur Road Jail
Aryan Khan should send Sameer Wankhede to Arthur Road Jail for 27 days
Aryan Khan should send Sameer Wankhede to Arthur Road Jail. If I were Shah Rukh Khan, I would be unforgiving. And I would want 27 days of imprisonment for disgraced Narcotics Control Bureau officer Sameer Wankhede. That’s the total number of days his son Aryan Khan spent in custody; 22 of which he was incarcerated in the dreaded Arthur Road Jail. I believe that the principle of justice requires punishment equal in kind to the offense. And the offense here is that Wankhede sensationally dragged Aryan into the drugs-on-cruise case without evidence and only fuelled by some unholy motivation of his own.
It is not enough that the NCB, in a shamefaced about-turn, now gives Aryan a clean chit. And lays the blame of the harsh witch-hunt against him squarely at the door of its former arrogant chief. SRK should prove that his son was traumatised by the victimization and is now scarred for life. He should also claim that his family and he went through untold anxiety; as they struggled though a disturbing media trial to free their boy from the unrelenting clutches of the NCB. He should further sue for damages caused to his films; whose shooting had to be put on hold at that time.
Aryan Khan should send Sameer Wankhede to Arthur Road Jail
I’m sure a case for compensatory and punitive damages can be made in the highest court of the land against the NCB. And its controversial and smug former director. He is not only a disgrace to the law enforcement agency and his parent cadre – the Indian Revenue Service. But as Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut says, a threat to the nation as well. Wankhede’s got some other criminal cases against him; including one for fraudulently acquiring a bar licence when he was a minor. And another for allegedly organising a fake caste certificate to get into the IRS.
The Centre has asked the Finance Ministry, which is the controlling authority of the IRS, to take appropriate action against him. The Finance Ministry is regarded as a competent authority but I don’t know how long its probe into Wankhede’s acts of omission and commission will take. In the meanwhile, it would be an eye for an eye if he was arrested for the alleged case against Aryan and locked up in Arthur Road Jail for 27 days without bail. That might reassure the country and its accusing people that the central agencies are not always into vendetta politics against those opposing the government.
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