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Feminism : An Urge For Equality



Feminism, the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Women’s liberation and equal rights is the true meaning of it. The equality between the genders and slaughtering of dominance. But how we actually take it is pretty different. We say we are a feminist but then don’t fight for equality but superiority.

To be above men or boys. To show them how we felt and that same should happen with the men. The feeling rather aim of revenge. We girls stood up all together as a one to fight for our own deprived rights and submissive condition in the society.

But this movement of women empowerment and development is now taking some other path. Where girls are not fighting for equal rights but for a right of superiority.

Certainly the reason behind this is also society including men. The way they have treated and even treating any woman leads to the destruction of self-esteem and confidence. They either way torture us women sometimes orally and if that’s not satisfactory then physically.

Being A Women One Should Respect Feminism

Living in such kind of suffocating atmosphere forces a woman to explode and take her stand and stand for her companions. Sometimes the situation becomes so worse that they demand for superiority then equality.

And it is totally fine. Those who are anti-feminism or deny this concept. There’s one question foe you have you experienced such kind of atmosphere around yourself. Or have you ever been in such situation. If no then take some time assume yourself in such situation and then think about it again.

One should always stick to the movement or the topic and being a feminist definitely does not mean fighting for superiority. But equality is something for all and every citizen. So, if you are not into some stuffs and the other person demands for it respect it.

Being a woman or a girl everyone one is a feminist either you admit or not. The day you will be discriminated you will definitely fight for your right.

Excess of anything is harmful same is with the case of being a feminist. So, rather than making statements first start respecting every women in the society with any living style, thoughts, opinions,etc.

And remember feminism stands for equality not supremacy.

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