Brazilian Criminal Dresses Like His Daughter To Break Jail And Fails Terribly

Brazilian criminal attempts to escape prison.
source: Telegraph

Applying various tactics to break through the Prison is not new. But have you ever heard of a man dressed up as his daughter? Yeah, I’m not making this up. This Brazilian criminal was just wow.

Brazilian Criminal in Prison Disguised Himself:-

Reports said a Rio De-Janeiro based drug trafficker named Clauvino da Silva tried to break out. Thus, an attempt was made in the city’s most notorious Gericinó prison. Since the news is as weird as it sounds, but the path he took is much weird yet interesting.

Brazilian criminal dressed also called Silva, who is called ‘Shorty’ tried to dress up like his 19-year-old daughter. The reason was simply that he did this dress up in a hope to fool the prison authorities. However, his major plan of sneaking met failure.

Somehow, his planning was well thought off. Silicon mask, wig and a black bra and also a skin-tight T-shirt with three doughnuts on it. These were the prime things that included in his disguise plan. However, Prison guards said that his nervousness blew away his plan. Just to be sure the guards asked him to rip in front of the camera and the video went viral on social media.

Caught Due To Nervousness:-

He dressed up like his daughter who visited her. As soon as the guards asked to return daughter’s entrance ID. He was caught and also because of his low-budget look.

In the haste to leave the prison, he even left his daughter in the prison. Hence, Police is looking into the matter while they are suspecting his daughter’s involvement in this escape attempt.

Though he was smart enough to dress up like his daughter, on the other hand, he was being foolish. Eventually, Silva is serving a 73-year sentence for his active participation in Red Command drug faction.

The deadly drug dealer, however, used an ultra-realistic mask to fool is foes but remained empty-handed.

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