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The American Hegemony Era in World Politics

american hegemony

American Hegemony implies  the worldwide US domination in terms of it’s military, political , cultural superiority and capability. However there are some constraints for American Hegemony  but it has still impacted worldwide during and after the Cold War era.

Before 1991 the US and USSR were the only existing superpowers in the world.The sudden collapse of communist ruled USSR in 1991 left USA as the only superpower left in the whole world. Consequently the world became Unipolar with only one ruling elite .

American Hegemony Operations  :


1.Operation Desert Storm :

After Iraq’s rapid invasion on Kuwait and a series of failed diplomatic attempts to normalize the situation, UN decided to initiate ‘New World Order ‘. This involved a gigantic coalition force from 34 different countries who faught against Iraq and defeated it’s forces which came to be known as the First Gulf War.
This UN operation was termed as ‘Operation Desert Storm‘.It not only revealed the vast technological gap between US’s military proficiency and rest of the world but also the existing gap of advancement between US and the other countries.This happened because 75% of the UN led coalitions were from the US.

2.Operation Enduring Freedom :

On 11 September 2001, nineteen hijackers addressing from Arab countries took control of four American commercial aircraft. They flew them into US’s important buildings. Two of them crashed into North and South towers of the World Trade Centre , New York . The third one crashed into the Pentagon building , Virginia. The fourth aircraft bound for Capitol building but came down in fields of Pennsylvania.

The 9/11 attack considered as the most severe attack on US’s soil since the founding of the country.  US responded to this attack by launching ‘Operation Enduring Freedom‘ against all those suspected behind this.

3.Operation Iraqi Freedom :

On 19th March 2003 , US along with more than 40 other countries launched full scale invasion on Iraq . This operation referred as Operation Iraqi Freedom. The most sensible purpose behind this operation considered  to prevent Iraq from developing weapons of mass destruction (WMD). After the invasion no evidence of such weapons found in Iraq.

The UN had not given it’s mandate to launch invasion on Iraq to US or any other country . Thus believed that the purpose of this invasion was to conquer Iraqi oil fields and install a regime favorable to US.

Forms of hegemony :

Most noteworthy , American hegemony is present in various forms.

1.Hegemony as hard power : This relates to the power and capabilities  of US military. Today US spends most on it’s military than the next twelve powers combined. Furthermore it’s military has potential to destroy anything in any corner of the world and still guard it’s own nation.

2.Hegemony as soft power : This implies that the dominating power not only dominate the weaker section in terms of military but also influence and shape their behavior. Thus US  also dominates the whole world through it’s cultural influence. During cold war, the US secured major achievements in area of soft power.

3.Hegemony as Structural power : It refers to the role of US in providing global goods. Some of the global goods is internet and another classic example is MBA OR Master’s in Business Administration which is being practiced in all over the world. It is the power of US’s navy that underwrites the laws of sea.
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