This woman was so furious that she decided to do the unthinkable; rather the unstinkable


On a sunny Monday evening around 6:15 pm in Canada’s Tim Hortons located in Langley, British Columbia; a woman got into an argument with one of the store’s employee that she could be seen arguing with the man.

She felt at liberty to grab some tissue papers before she decided to drop down her pants and take a full loaded deep shit in full view to its employees and behind the barrier obstructing other customer’s view who could hear the argument but were polite to interfere in it.

Canada Woman takes Shit:

The woman in the cctv video could be seen grabbing her shit with her own hands and throwing it at the employee before having the decency to wipe down her ass feeling refreshed and closing the argument by dropping the mic/pants. She then pulls her pants and walks away.

Police arrived on a tip from the employee who called and arrested the woman in the parking lot and are still determining charges. Indecent flashing may be? Write your comments as what the world has come to.

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