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Gurudwaras In Delhi Will Give Plant Saplings As Prasad In Hope Of A Better Tomorrow

Delhi Gurudwaras

Delhi Gurudwaras Planting More Trees:-

The world is moving towards the road of damnation. We are living in a world where the home of animals is being destroyed to fulfil our greedy needs. Have you ever crossed paths with a child who keeps insisting things? even if it’s of no use. That child keeps insisting because he wants to fulfil his wish. This is the same situation we are in. As deforestation is happening at a rapid rate. A larger section of the population is contributing to its best. Also, the holy shrines are stepping forward. Eventually, Delhi Gurudwaras will be giving plant saplings to encourage people to plant more trees. As it sounds unusual, the story has more to say.

Gurudwaras giving saplings as prasad.
source: Man Vs Globe

Gurudwaras Giving Saplings:-

Giving plant saplings as prasad will mark the 550th birth anniversary year of Guru Nanak Dev. According to the Gurudwara Management Committee, more than 1 lakh saplings will be planted across all Gurudwaras and Sikh institutions. Especially it is mandatory for educational Sikh institutes i.e schools and colleges to execute this drive.

Though the President of the Committee, Manjinder Singh Sirsa said,

“It is mandatory for all freshers at 9 colleges affiliated to the Delhi University, managed by the committee, to plant 10 trees from the current academic session to celebrate Guru Nanak Dev’s love for nature.”

source: World Land Trust

Mega Drive-By Sikh Community:-

 Taking this drive seriously, students will be marked for the project and it will be counted in annual results. Students also have to submit reports highlighting the status of trees they planted. 

Mega drive to initiate plantation and harmony among Sikh community.
source: SBS

Moreover, the committee will distribute Neem and Ber free saplings along with other species which will be beneficial for the environment.

In addition to this, it is a mega drive to promote the planting of more trees and conserving the earth. This is an encouraging yet smart move by the Sikh Community to make everyone aware of the upcoming threats. The clock is ticking with every passing minute. Do something.

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