Indian Men perform last rites of their marriages – Frustration?


Varanasi rites: Irritated and irked with ‘Toxic feminism’ for destroying families, about 150 men performed Havan or last rites of their marital life. It ended with a dip in the river Ganges.

Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), celebrated the 10th year of men’s right group. and performed a ‘pishachini mukti puja’.

To rid themselves of all the negative energy which left behind by their ex-wives. They also did a ‘shraadh’ for their current and living wives.

‘Women having “ego issues” can file sexual harassment cases and blame it on men’ they said.

Feminism is breaking families. Cases of false dowry and harassment by women is on the rising. As per them, men are victimized and are the real silent sufferers in such scenario.

We want equality for everyone. Hence, last rites of all the bias and discrimination against men performed,” said Mr. Deshpande.

In conclusion, dear men, even though you go ahead and perform as many ceremonies you want, but ‘feminism’ is surely here to stay.


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