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Two Kashmiri Fruit Vendors beaten Up In Lucknow by Goons – Video


In a shocking video, two Kashmiri fruit sellers were beaten up and thrashed by saffron clad men from Vishwa Hindu Dal in Daliganj in Central Lucknow.

Ever since the Pulwama tragedy, the conditions between India and Pakistan have reached a boiling point. Increasing hatred and animosity towards innocent Kashmiris.

The video recorded by one of the attackers, who later released it on social media.

In the video the poor vendors are pleading for mercy by covering their heads for being Kashmiri by birth.

These Kashmiri sellers asked to provide proof of identity to the men accusing them.

Some good people asked the men to stop taking the law into their hands.

One man named Bajrang Sonkar arrested.

Another man, Himanshu Awasthi claims as the leader of the Vishwa Hindu Dal posted the video on Facebook. Now taken down.

Moreover, Omar Abdullah condemned the incident.

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