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This LOVEDOLL collector reveals how he loves his S*X robot Harmony 4/5 (1)


Ahead of dirty droid’s upcoming LOVEDOLL release, Brick Dollbanger has been “Test driving” his S*X robot Harmony to his full pleasure. The crazy thing is he did so much in excitement that it broke the robot romps while having S*X.

This 60-year-old Real estate developer said that he used Harmony for 10 days when requested by sex-bot firm Realbotix based in Californian.

The funny thing is he was asked by the head of Realbotix to try and break her during s*x sessions. This was part of the testing process. Now they are making changes and fixing the weak points.

But he claims, that Harmony is probably the best s*x toy in the world.

He too has spent over the past decade about $ 200,000 on sex dolls.

After his 15 years marriage ended, this guy became a regular user of these LoveDolls and later helped design Harmony.

He says Harmony is a 7 to 8 on the scale of 10.

‘At my age, I still enjoy sex three to four times a week. But, women my own age can’t keep up’ he says.

lovedoll lovedoll lovedoll

Announced in 2016, Harmony is the most advanced s*x robot on the planet.

It will cost about $10,000 for the head and it can be attached to any regular silicone lovedoll bodies.

The head has AI software and can be powered by a Smartphone App.

Harmony can have real conversations with users. She can also move her lips and blink.

Also, can tell jokes, laugh, remember details from previous conversations. Also, talk dirty.

The conversations are more fluid, comfortable and she can remember.

But, what do you think of s*x robots? Do you think people are going to use these more often in Future? Instead of finding true love?

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