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Mamta: Father abuses daughter in India’s Rape Capital



One more gruesome incident occurred in the heart of the nation Delhi. A 15 years old girl named Mamta. She was the only breadwinner of her family. As her mother was no more she lives with an alcoholic father and two younger siblings (Jyoti 6 years, Ram 4 years).

She earned rupees 3000 per month working as a house maid from which she used to give rupees 1000 to her alcoholic father.

A father daughter is relation which supposed to be the handcuff of security and adherence of love. What must be the remuneration of relations? Is the society safe for a girl in any means? No…Not at all…

After whole day’s drudgery. Her brutal father used to molest her and rape her daily. The juvenile Mamta was helpless and weak. She endured the pain for three years.

One day her father came drunk and starts abusing her, he strips her off while defending Mamta find a blade and she cut her artery. And locked herself in a room…

Her scared father started shouting for help. Neighbors rushed for help. They were continuously banging on the door but she had already got fainted out of stress weakness and stress. Society people gathered together. They decided to break the door and hurried her to the nearest hospital.

Her life saved but when the doctor revealed the truth that father raped her daily. The public outraged. The Satan was finally behind the bars. And sentenced to death for his horrendous act. But does everything end with Mamta’s father’s death. I’m not sure…There are so many such girls in our country suffering from molestation & exploitation. It may be her family member or any stranger from the street.

Who is responsible for all these increasing rape cases & violence? It is our reticence which is feeding beasts in our country.

However, there are several such cases from which we are unaware & some are turned a blind eye. It is necessary to square up against devils in our surroundings.

Avoid more Mamta’s to become headlines of upcoming newspapers. Whether it is a 6 months infant or an 84 years old lady these beasts have no sense…  But, media is frequently raising these issues but no one bothers. But, beware it may happen to your own sister or daughter. This is a humble request for the society stop this crime & let women breathe freely in the world as they also belong to the world not to be culprits but to be a vital part of society. Women’s are originators they love, they care, talented, hardworking & have equal rights as a man have. Mothers teach your kid to treat her with respect, protect her and let her follow her dream without any hesitation…


In conclusion, what do you think should be the punishment? Also, do write your comments below.


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