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12-day-old baby snatched and killed by monkey in Agra


A monkey snatched a 12-day old baby. Baby was later found lying bruised and bitten on a terrace of neighbor’s house in Mohalla Kachhera area in Agra. The monkey snatched the baby from his mother, leaving them in a state of shock.

As per the family, Sunny’s mother was feeding the baby on Monday evening, when the monkey ran away with the infant. The family members chased the monkey, only to find the baby lying blood-soaked on their neighbour’s terrace.

The baby was immediately taken to a hospital. But the doctors declared him brought dead.


Shravan Kumar, an Eco-activist said the monkeys in the area are turning aggressive because their natural habitats have been destroyed. The green cover is slowly shrinking everywhere. Some residents complained that monkeys attack, loot, snatch things and particularly harm women and children in Agra.

“People are scared to go to their terraces. Some have sealed their homes with iron mesh cages. One cannot leave your doors open or sit in the sun,” a resident of Vijay Nagar colony, Seema Gupta said.

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