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Neighbours Call Police hearing Parrot Pleaing to Let her out like a Girl

Parrot yells get me out, alarming police

A Florida resident heard threatened voices from their neighbour’s house iterating: “Let me out Let me out ohh Ohh oh!” and, out of emergency called the police and informed them. It turned out, the screamer was a parrot.

A home security camera caught the video of the man who was busy fixing his wife’s car when the cops entered the scene.

The video further shows the cops approaching the man for interrogation. To which, the man replied with a laugh and requested the cops to show them the voice behind the screamer.

The man then went inside and brought a parrot who he called: Rambo. The scene then ensued a burst of laughter.

According to PBSO – Palm Beach County Sheriff Office;

The owner told the police that he was changing the brakes of his wife’s car while his 40-year-old parrot Rambo was on his outside perch, where he sang and talked. He further said that some time after, four police officers came to him asking about the voices that their neighbour reported of a girl screaming for help. The man showed the real culprit, who was his talented parrot and gave all a good laugh. He explained that Rambo often yells ‘help, help, let me out!” because he taught him the phrase when he was a kid when  Rambo lived in a cage.

The neighbour certainly did what any good neighbour should have done. But in the end, it was a relief knowing the situation was all a misunderstanding. Rambo didn’t stop demonstrating his vocal talents to the officers. After this act, Rambo the Amazonian parrot got fame for a small period on local news.

The caretaker said he took Rambo for a stroll around the neighbourhood to introduce his trouble making parrot and his remarkable speech abilities, so to avoid suspicion.

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