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Rafael Deal details exposed by French President


Rafael Deal: French ex Prez François Hollande ‘s latest statements has become bone in Modi government’s neck. For last few month’s Modi’s ministers were all out defending their stand on , but they’re out of words…

But Hollande’s statement contradicts the Indian government. According to him, Anil Ambani (Reliance Defence) was not chosen by Dassault : “We didn’t have a choice. We took the partner that was given to us”


Todays revelation is huge on Rafale deal because its comes from no another than the ex French President.

The present has outmaneuvered the scam business by either legitimizing it or by secrecy clauses. The irony of this deal lies in its secrecy clause. I am still unable to fathom how can a democratic govt have a secrecy clause in a financial deal?

We will have to wait for BJP to react. We hope the government comes out with honest answer.

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