Valentino Rossi does the unbelievable overtake: Watch Video


Valentino Rossi in the Race of 2010 did the unbelievable overtake at the last lap after having neck to neck life risking race. This overtake just shouldn’t be possible for a human.

This particular pass and the one where he passed stoner on the cork screw were possible the two best bits of MotoGP riding in history

And why Rossi we consider him the greatest of all time in Motorcycle racing.

“The front Bridgestone tyre is a very good tyre” Valentino said when asked to comment about the race. And Valentino comments “I hoped not to crash but if I did it might take both of us!!” Indeed a different breed.

Watch, how a half inch or less of rubber keeps those things glued to the tarmac. Never ceases to amaze us.

One of the best moto gp finishes. See, the shock of the paddock girls in Rossi’s garage at he reaction of their teammates.


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