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Value of a Good Audience: ARTISTS can Relate to this

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Good audience

Imagine a situation where you are performing on stage and there is no one to watch. How would you feel? If there is no one to see, judge or appreciate your performance then there is no use of performing. Audiences are very important for the performers as they are the ones who see and listen to them, clap and shower appreciation if they like the performance. Although audiences are not vocally communicating with the speaker, it is very important to be active to give feedback to the person on stage.

It’s not the performer who makes an event successful. It’s the performers and the people spectating it, make an event successful. Just having the viewers in numbers won’t make the program good but having good listeners will do.

Advantages of having a good audience

Having a good audience always motivates the performers. And due to this motivation or encouragement, the entertainer gives his best and entertains the crowd, which in turn makes the event successful. The confidence level gets boosted up, which in turn impacts on the upcoming performances of the performer. Being a good audience is more difficult than performing on the stage.

Downsides of not having a good audience

Sometimes the spectators who are not disciplined can demotivate or distract the performer on stage. People tend to gossip or start to use their smart devices, this creates a negative impact on the artist. Some performers feel bad and try more to give their best or some get demotivated and give up. Only those people are appreciated and remembered who give a good comeback after the embarrassment.

Even if the performance is mediocre or poor, it is the responsibility of good viewers to keep motivating and encourage the performer. This will help him boost his confidence and may give a better result.


In the end, it has to be both performer and the audience to make an event successful, a performer without an audience is of no use and audience without performer is senseless. Whenever you give a good performance, never forget to appreciate your audience, since they are also the reason behind your success. One should be thankful for having a good audience.




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