3 Ways To Catch A Cheating Spouse


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The worst thing that can happen to a husband or wife is to know that his/her spouse is/has been cheating him/her.
It is a very disheartening fact and many of us are at a complete loss, when we get to know of it. In order to avoid this kind of tragedy,
we all need to be aware or check certain signs, which we normally ignore, to see if the partner is cheating or not.
However, do not forget that sooner or later you are bound to face the truth and it might be more disheartening and be too late to do anything.
So, if you have already started seeing signs of cheating, you can follow these few methods to find out the facts. Later these will help you to build a case against your spouse and confront him/her.

Way #1:

Watch The Hours They Work
A very common excuse given by a cheating spouse is of working late hours in the office. If your husband/wife has also started giving the same excuse very frequently, you can follow on this very carefully. You can keep a tab on your spouse by calling him/her during work hours. You also give your spouse a surprise by visiting the office. Do not make it obvious that you are trying to keep an eye on your spouse. Rather tell the spouse that you wanted to go out for lunch/dinner with him/her and wanted to give a surprise.
If he/she is not cheating he/she will be glad of your thought or he/she might get offended,
or abuse you or simply ask you to leave and worst of all he/she may not be present, when you drop in suddenly.

Way #2:

Check Their Cell Phone
A cheating spouse has to stay in touch with the other person he/she has in his/her life. For this he/she might use the Internet or cell phones.
To catch on a cheating spouse, you can start keeping a watch on your partner’s cell phone and Internet usage.
When not around, you can check your partner’s cell for any unknown numbers
he/she has been calling and note down those numbers.
Your partner will be smart enough not to leave the cell unattended or delete the numbers he/she has called up. But, sometimes he/she might forget.
This process can take time, but can help you immensely to catch your cheating partner red-handed.
If the numbers noted down are similar, then you can try and call on those numbers and check on the identity of the person.
For Internet you can install spy software that will monitor his/her online activity and you can get all the details from there.

Way #3:

Watch Your Spouses Expenses
Another good way of catching a cheating spouse is to check on his or her expenses.
If of late, the bills have been mounting and there are some transactions you are not aware of, you should investigate further.
You should check his/her bank accounts, details of which you can get online or from the statement that comes through post.
Also check his/her bills. To buy presents or to arrange a date he/she will have to pay and these expenses would be recorded in the bills.
So, you can check the credit card bills as well.
In all these cases, if you come across with some facts, which God forbid, you would need to confront your cheating partner with proof.
The best way would be to sit down with a calm and cool head and talk about it.
Your partner might realise his/her mistake and appreciate your efforts in keeping the relationship alive.
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