8 things which are OK to NOT share with your partner


Share: Though it’s nice to have a honest and open relationship, there are few things you are better off not telling your partner.

Everything is NOT meant for sharing.

When it comes to sharing within a relationship, many things need to be kept in mind.


A trusting and honest relationship is built on sharing your feelings and transparency, thoughts and other things too. Sharing a bottle of wine or a steamy bubble bath is romantic, but sharing a toothbrush is not. Yikes!


Here is a list of things one can avoid sharing with your partner

  1. Password

Most of us been through that moment when your partner wants to use your phone/laptop which is password protected. Avoid sharing your password just to show your blind trust in him/her. It is OK to keep it private.

2. Beauty regimen

You need not update him on all the nitty-gritty of what you got done at the spa or parlor or the things that you do behind the bathroom door. Spare him these details and let the mystery remain, unless he ever asks you. Which is most unlikely.


3. Bedroom conquests/failures

It’s for everyone’s good to NOT talk about your past sex life prior to meeting your partner. Digging into these kind of details is likely to make him intimidated or jealous or horrified, even if you both know each other very well. Ignorance is bliss in these situations.

4. Girlfriends’ stories

Time is precious and sacred when you are together. Don’t spend the time telling him stories about your girlfriends. Like, how she misbehaved with her BF or how her heart broke or her weird food or dressing habits, blah-blah-blah. Your friend’s behavior is also an unspoken yardstick for your behavior too. So, keep that in mind. The lesser he knows about your friend’s recklessness, the better.

5. Shopping list and bank statements

Unless he’s into shopping, the last thing a man wants to hear is for you to rave and rant about what and where you shopped. Going on and on about shopping as if it were a mini project. Once done with your shopping, dodge telling him the particulars of how much you spent and on what. It’s not that you can’t flash your hard-earned cash on those sexy pair of shoes. But he won’t understand why you have spent an amount equivalent of a flight ticket to Dubai on that ninth-pair of red-heels. Avoid showing the receipts.

6. Feelings about his mom

The space between a mother and a son is sacred. Never step into that. And if you do, you are at your own peril.

7. Weight

Worrying over your weight and counting calories every time any of you eat, is a big NO. He might not show you the same level of enthusiasm whenever you tell him how much weight you have gained or lost. Or how many calories are in that burger he just happily ate. Even a comment or a misjudged raised eyebrow, could land him or you in deep trouble. So, for the sake of both of you, keep calories and weights under wraps.

8. Bodily functions

It’s OK not to share gross details about your stomach flu or periods with your man. Everyone poops, farts and burps, but there is no need to make all this obvious. You will sometimes find him brushing his teeth standing beside you, while you are sitting on the loo doing a pee and that is exactly where the line needs to be drawn. Rest everything else is sacred.

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