Umbrella-man: Putin shows he’s the boss in Football World Cup Final 2018


Umbrella Diaries: “Putin is indestructible. No one can touch Putin. Not even the rain!” Twitterati went berserk when Russian President Putin was the only one who had got an umbrella over his head in Moscow during the presentation ceremony at the FIFA World Cup Final. Furthermore, it`s raining memes on Twitter as others drench.

After the World Cup 2018 came to an end when France defeated Croatia 4-2 in an epic final in Moscow. But the match was thrilling with no less than a dramatic event, from penalties to self-goals to miss by the Goalie; a classic finale. So adding to this, the presentation ceremony too had its fair share of drama. As it started to rain, while most rejoiced basking in the glory, one particular act on the podium stood out and raised many eyebrows online. However, while everyone including Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović and French President Emmanuel Macron, got drenched in rain, Russian President Vladimir Putin was the only one standing on the stage, who was offered an umbrella. As a result, the footage of the ceremony quickly went viral on social media platforms, with many taking acknowledging the power of Putin while other took a jibe.

So, the only man on stage who commanded an umbrella while other dignitaries and players got soaked, invited funny one-liners and jokes. But, Putin memes are all over twitter.


Umbrella Man


In Conclusion, do you think Putin is the Boss?

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