A Man Worships Donald Trump’s 6-Feet Tall Staute In a Hope To Improve India and US Relations.


Donald Trump might not be the one to look upon but this Indian devotee worships him as a God.

Man Worships Donald Trump:-

Bussa Krishna, a Telangana farmer, also known as ‘Trump Bhakht’ has installed Donald Trump 6-feet tall statue. This event of immense love was displayed on his birthday on 14th June. This man has taken his love for US President, Donald Trump to another level. This man worships Donald Trump as a God. He has also poured milk on Trump’s statue and performed Puja.

The 31-year-old Telangana farmer from Konne village, Jangaon district has pridefully installed Trump’s photo in his puja room. Considering him as a God, the man has placed his photo along with other Gods and Goddesses.

He offers turmeric and flowers to his photograph and performs ‘aarti’ at the end. Krishna regularly posts pictures of his religious ceremony on his Facebook page.

Scenario in US
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A Man Worships Trump
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The Beginning Of Immense Love:-

Considering and praying Trump as a god struck when he heard that Srinivas Kuchibholta, a software engineer was killed by a US Navy veteran in February last year. From there on, he eventually started believing that “Indians can win anyone by their spiritual powers. When you cannot take on a mighty person directly, you can win him over with love and worship.

He also tells that the road for being Trumps’s devotee was not easy.

Nobody took me seriously and some people also called me a mad fellow wondering how prayers from a remote village would reach Trump.

This is not the first case that a common man has idealized a politician as a God. Worshipping politicians is not a new theme for Indians. Even in Rajkot, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s temple was built. Eventually, it came down as Modi showed his disapproval.

Krishna Became Famous on Twitter:-

As soon as this news gained the spotlight people reacted on Twitter.

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