Kabir Singh is Anti National – Some say this – ROFL

kabir singh

Shahid Kapoor did an excellent work, angry young man bullying everyone in the medical college campus. He can hit anyone in the campus and the entire college simply keep watching. One day his eye meets a beautiful fresher girl, and the every moment he warned the entire college that she’s his girl and nobody should dare try on her. Without asking permission he would take her out for dating, kisses her publicly. And the lady simply keep staring at him, true love it seems. Good that they have shown medical college and not engineering college, because engineering is a bit different. There, one can find many Kabir Singh, I mean the Kabir Singh after the interval, full time drinker. Usually, girls stick to such guys(seniors) as long as the senior is in campus. Once he’s out, she would find some other better guy in campus.

Apart from Shahid Kapoor’s acting everything else in the movie is boring. Dev D was a far better movie which also falls into similar category.

why isn’t there any outrage against Kabir Singh, the film?

whyy isn’t anyone offended by a film that glorifies rape and portrays a rapist as if he has done a regular deed? Why isn’t this seen as something against Indian culture or anti-national?

Straight to the point, The problem with Kabir Singh is not that it is misogynistic, or toxic masculine or any psychologically uneducated feminist label.

Problem with Kabir Singh

Is that it lacks original charm and innocence Arjun Reddy had. Considering the fact that the director is same, I really hoped that he manages not to mess up with this. But….

The character Arjun Reddy who is on the surface extremely angry and chaotic, made sense and could connect deeply with people. Because of his inherent innocence – different from calculative society, his charm, genuine mistakes and genuine efforts to find some love and happiness in his life. Which all, the director was able to capture in a natural seeming flow.

When you deeply understand someone – ANY person on the face of the earth – you would understand the whys behind his behaviors and the hidden love and innocence behind his character. (remember classic Anne Frank quote) Arjun Reddy great because it managed to do this naturally and had a really well connected arc. The flow maybe directed by unstructured inner passion of director himself, because it was the first – original! The character was vivid. A rebel against society and rules, with his own idealistic and yet non – ‘vevla’ nature.

Kabir Singh here many times fails to find this natural flow and therefore seems here and there. And therefore fails to deeply connect and therefore he seems someone not like us. Who can be seen only from a distance and therefore many people just fail to understand the character and just label it easily!

And therefore the character Kabir singh seems different from the character ‘Arjun Reddy’

All said, Shahid’s performance is undoubtedly very good and the film will perform good because even if it is not Arjun Reddy, it has many bits and pieces here and there of the original Arjun reddy, which connect amazingly.

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