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Another Shameless Rape

Yes, I live in an advancing country safe for girls, believes in gender equality and not at all racist but just on paper. I think reality is a bit different. A country called to be safe for girls with numerous amount to rape cases occurring almost everyday.

People think that it’s fine or it has really become a trend. I know after so many incidents of Rape coming forward we hardly care to read about another such case. I didn’t do it is the best satisfactory answer one can give. But did you stopped it ? A question complete in it’s own to tell how responsible you are.

A 25- year old air hostess working with a private airline was allegedly raped by her friend and his room mates in Goni Nagar, Mumbai on Tuesday night.The incident took place on Tuesday night at a flat in Goni Nagar. This place is where Swapnil Badodia lived as a paying guest.

The women said that she went to his friend Swapnil Badodia’s place for some dinner and drinks. Swapnil is 25 and also works as a private airline employ.

As per the women, when she woke up in the morning. She realized that Swapnil Badodia and his friends forced themselves on her during the night when she was drunk.

She lodged a complaint of Gang rape at MIDC police station.

“We registered a case of gang rape under IPC section 376 D and arrested the accused,” said Nitin Alaknure, senior police inspector, MIDC police station.

As per the recent updates Swapnil Badodia confessed to the crime but denied the involvement of his roommates.

Have you ever expected that one day the leafs of newspaper would filled with news related to rape, assault and eve-teasing. Every single girl steps out of her house with a pepper spray, a fordable knife and a lot of theft. Do we really wanted our country to be a place like that.

Really Want A Change

Yes, we are progressing in all aspects and one can easily see it. Doing candle march, watching movies like “Pink” and “No One Killed Jessica” is of no use when one can’t get the motive behind it. It’s just a waste of time and if you really want to do something then next time stop something that should not happen.

Teach your children to respect any and every women or men. Tell them we have make this country safe for everyone. So that one day will come when a girl will be as free as anyone, She won’t waste her time choosing an appropriate dress and hanging a pepper spray 24/7.

Trust me it would be the greatest progress of our Nation.

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