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Before Booking Tickets for Bharat. Here Is What You Should Know.

booking tickets for Bharat

As the release date for movies is scheduled around festivals, this time it was Eid. A perfect Eidi for Salman Khan fans is the release of his movie. Salman Khan, 53 years old, is all set to welcome audience with his new movie “Bharat“.

‘Bharat’ is an adapted version of South Korean drama, Ode To My Father (2014). Why consider before booking tickets for Bharat? You’ll find out soon.

Booking Tickets of Bharat ?

Before booking tickets, here is you should know.

The story revolves around a boy named Bharat (Salman Khan), who takes up his responsibility while he gets separated by his father and  sister during Indo-Pak Partition of 1947. The boy takes responsibility of his family at early stages due to which he suffers a lot of ups and downs. In midst, of all the chaos he met a girl named Radha (Disha Patani). Now, here the thing is-pairing Disha Patani opposite to a man double of his age looks stupid. Despite of the hardwork, Patani’s existence still looks questionable. Moving on, the story is narrated by Bharat himself. From 1947 to 2010, Bharat takes all the risky jobs to earn money and attempts to fall in love with Kumad (Katrina Kaif), portraying a fearless woman and as she proposes.

Shaadi ki umar ho gyi hai humari. I love you. Tumse shaadi karna chahti hu

Even Bharat feels the same but remains fearful about his love and responsibilities being divided. Thus, he rejects her. At last, Katrina Kaif ‘s acting skills need an applaud for playing such ferocious character and balancing a natural bond with Salman throughout the movie. Sunil Grover, also plays an influential part by being Bharat’s bestfriend. Grover does full justice to his role with mad comic timing and also takes away our heart. While Jackie Shroff and Sonali Kulkarni added a bonus point. Salman’s acting and the plot before interval still remains unnecessary. The grey shade in the movie will be visible due to its inconsistency.

After The Interval :-

After the interval, you will be introduced to an emotional attack. A spice of emotional story is introduced highlighting the plight of the family members who, lost their loved ones during the partition. Some of you may even end up crying. Bharat has too many things going on at a point of time. Which makes the movie entertaining yet scattered.

To conclude, Bharat is an entertaining movie but due to its inconsistent events it makes the movie tiring.

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