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Animals: Don’t Play With The Life Of Those Who Can’t Speak 4.8/5 (10)


Animals, once was the major diversity of the planet Earth are suddenly vanishing somewhere. Where are they going is a major question to us, is there an anywhere door or someone is eating them? i think we the human beings are eating their life tenures by trying to build the of our lives over their grave. It’s been very easy for us to just drive a road roller over them for our benefit. Like always we forgot that they are our family, we belong with them. All humans are same when it comes to our profit we all become selfish and even inhumane as we are only concerned about our future, our family and forget that they too have a family. Crushing trees and placing rocks has became our hobby, our favorite pass time. Destroying forests and having fun in zoo is cool, the nature from which we all evolved is now a burden.

Animals dying or gettingĀ  extinct has now became a big deal huge species of animal species have evaporated from earth. Many campaigns are on roads for saving them but these roads are made up on land of forests, place where they use to live. Till when can you save their lives in zoos and sanctuary, even humans can’t last long away from their houses. I think the time has come when we need to wake up, lite up the bulbs of our brain.

let’s take up a challenge to not be so selfish and leave some space for the animals to live. As being selfish will eventually lead to our downfall.

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