Who is Anup Jalota?


Anup Jalota is a Bhajan King who is 65 years old and has a girlfriend Jasleen Matharu, 28. Their love affair has set the internet in a weird confusion and tizzy. But there is good news for all the fans. The couple will get the perfect opportunity to spend some quality intimate time with each other on Bigg Boss 12. The couple with the age difference of 37 years, will be sent to an undisclosed private room in the house called ‘Khaas room’.

Anup Jalota with his versatile act has inspired millions of middle & old aged men while also making youths of the nation jealous of him.

But one wonders if this fairy tale is staged or fake when one hearsΒ Jasleen Matharu. She says she is looking for a ‘sweet, caring’ boyfriend in this throwback video below.






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