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Movie Review Contest – Sumfeed – Ends Oct 31, 2018


Enter Sumfeed’s Movie Review Contest and win exiting prizes. The top reviewer will be given 10,000 in cash.

What to do?:

  1. Click on “Submit Content” on top Right on the Menu bar, or Go to¬†
  2. Mention you Name, Email, Movie Review Title, Select Post Category as “Movie Reviews” from drop down.
  3. Choose any movie from any Language or Genre, Popular or Rarely known, Classic or contemporary, latest or from the last 100 years.
  4. Write your review in your own style or format with a minimum of 500 words.
  5. Give your rating 1-5 Stars.
  6. You can also chose to include images relevant to the movie, but it not mandatory.
  7. Include your Name and email at the end.

Things that we will be looking out for:

  1. Your Style of writing.
  2. Honest opinion (Good or Bad) about the movie and characters.
  3. Selection of unique movie (Regional / Foreign language).

Word of Caution:

  1. No Copied/Plagiarized content. This will be checked.
  2. Don’t submit more than 3 movie entries per person.
  3. Short films are not a part of this contest.

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