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Bangladesh Nusrat Jahan : A Murder that shook the nation

Bangladesh Nusrat Jahan

Bangladesh Nusrat Jahan :

On 27th March 2019, a 19 year old girl Nusrat Jahan filed a complaint against the headmaster of madarsa. She accused him of touching her in an inappropriate manner while she was called in his office.

On the evening of the same day, Nusrat along with her family filed a complaint against the headmaster.  Furthermore , her statements were recorded by the officer in which she was describing the ordeals .

In the recorded video , she was seen hiding her face and the officer was heard forcing her and telling her to move her hands out of her face . The officer has been charged for illegally filming victim’s statements and sharing it online. After filing FIR , the headmaster was arrested by the police. This triggered people to protest n streets for his bail.

As per the statements of Police Investigation Bureau ( PBI) , Mr.Doula was frequently visited by his companions which made easy for them to plan out everything . From buying kerosene to divide the roles between 16 people.

Some guarded the gates of the madrassa to make sure only students entered, while others kept watch in front of the specific building where Nusrat was to be attacked, the chief of PBI said.

They had planned to make it look like a suicide, police said. But, Ms Rafi – who suffered burns to 80% of her body. She was able to give a statement before she died on 10 April.

Bangladesh Nusrat Jahan Statement

According to a statement given by Nusrat, she was lured to the roof of that building by a fellow female student. She was allegedly told that one of her friends was being beaten up.

There, Mr Majumder said, she was pressured to withdraw her case and also to sign a blank piece of paper. When she refused she was gagged and bound; before being doused with kerosene and burned, he further added to his statement.

While being taken to a nearby hospital in an ambulance. She recorded a statement on her brother’s mobile of the brutality happened with her. In her recorded statement , she identified some of the attackers as students of madarsa.

“The teacher touched me, I will fight this crime till my last breath,” she can be heard saying in the video .

In the respond of Nusrat’s murder , the prime minister of Bangladesh said, “None of the culprits will be spared from legal action,”.

The trail dates are yet to be decided.

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